Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Here we are nearly two months after my last post and let me tell you, things are absolutely perfect! We are currently hosting Harold and Rita Clark, who are bunking in Chase's room on his new bed while he has a week-long sleepover with Catie. I have managed to unpack 98% of my items (still cannot locate the kitchen cooking utensils or paint roller covers) and clean most of the house. 

Yum! Vegetables!
The garden is coming along nicely and I have been harvesting tomatoes, peppers, and herbs galore.  My tomato supply hit its peak about a week ago when I was honestly harvesting about ten pounds of tomatoes at a time.  We had tomatoes in two separate gardens, and the tomatoes by the fence were exceptional!  The other tomatoes, interspersed with flowers and receiving full sun, were not nearly as plump and juicy.  The exception in that area were the grape tomatoes, which replenished themselves hourly, it seemed.  I adored gardening over there for a while, taking a break and eating a handful of sweet tomatoes, gardening a little longer, gobbling up a few more tomatoes, et cetera.  Ross is absolutely correct when he says washing fruits "removes the magic".


My #1 crop seems to be banana spiders, though. They are so cooooool! I have one garden with six banana spiders lined up between the fence and the flowers.  They are my "pretty maids all in a row".  All my spiders are named Marge for the obvious reason that their black silhouettes closely resemble Marge Simpson.  I tend to work around my bug-catching allies, so it is often noted that I will clear an entire section of garden minus two weeds directly in the center where one of my Marges is busy catching yet another of the plentiful grasshoppers who tend to fling themselves haphazardly around the yard.

We are filling the barn with farm equipment, and have recently begun fitting the existing stalls for chickens and a cow. Time's a wastin' on this little venture because Tractor Supply Company is hosting an animal swap on Saturday, and we are planning on exchanging money for chickens.  

Meanwhile, the folks at the Humane Society already recognize us because we frequent their locale to play with the cats. We are hoping to find the perfect one to adopt, but in the interim window shopping and playing with the sweet little purring puffballs is a real treat!

We have had Internet now for almost a week, so my posts will be more frequent. After over a month without,  HughesNet and their EchoStar XVII satellite have helped us survive - Beam me up, Scotty!

View of Sunset From the Back of Property

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  1. Living in MN we have neither venomous spiders or snakes. Have you had much of an issue with them? This is the one thing that worries me the most about moving to AR.